Advanced Reports 2.8 is Good and Ready for Magento 1 Stores

Great news for the store owners that still take advantage of Magento 1. As promised, we continue updating our Magento 1 products and recently have rolled out a new update of the Advanced Reports extension.

Advanced Reports 2.8 is Good and Ready for Magento 1 Stores

Advanced Reports 2.8 obtained a lot of functionality enhancements, including both new features and multiple performance and usability improvements. We’ll only highlight some major features related to this update, while the whole list of amendments is available in the extensions changelog.

Advanced Reports 2.8

Include / Exclude Taxes from Profit Calculations

Although most European tax regulation rules require profit tax payments, this obligation is not globally mandatory. So, if you need to build your performance analysis reports without taking out profit related taxes from the totals, now you can configure it in the extension Settings section.

Extension-level Configuration of Profit Calculations

Extension-level Configuration of Profit Calculations

By default, the ‘Include Taxes in Profit Calculation’ option of the Configuration section is disabled. In this case, all the reports using profit calculations will retrieve data without taxes. This option value, however, can be changed for each particular report with profit calculations in their report customization sections.

Report-level Configuration of Profit Calculations

Report-level Configuration of Profit Calculations

The following reports, Bestsellers, Order Detailed, By Product, Sales Detailed, and the additional unit Sales by Category, can be configured individually. It means that you can, for example, enable taxes for the whole extension, but disable them for one or several of the above reports.

Profit and Margin Columns in the Sales Overview Report

The current update significantly expanded the value of the Sales Overview report with profit related columns added to the report grid.

Now, the Sales Overview report contains five new configurable columns: Total Cost, Total Revenue (excl. tax), Total Revenue, Total Profit, and Total Margin. You can enable or disable these columns with the help of the extension’s customization section.

Profit and Margin Related Information of the Sales Overview Report

Profit and Margin Related Information of the Sales Overview Report

You can also take advantage of visual representation of the profit related data taking advantage of the two newly added charts: ‘Total Profit’ and ‘Total Margin’.

Coupon Column in the Order Detailed Report

The next feature related to extra value of default report grids is the Coupon column in the Order Detailed Report. This column allows filtering sales with coupons and evaluating their amounts related to particular time ranges, or you can easily filter particular coupon sales.

The column column reckons all the coupons generated within the installation, including native Magento coupons and, e.g. coupons generated by our Follow Up Email and Coupon Code Generator extensions.

Renames and Clarifications

Trying to explain all our functionality options in the most appropriate ways, we’ve renamed the ‘SKU of grouped/simple product’ option of the Bestsellers report. Located at Bestsellers -> Customization -> SKU Usage the new name of the option is currently ‘SKU of parent/child product’. It makes more sense for customers as far as it is applied to complex products, e.g. configurable or bundled items.

'SKU Usage' Option

‘SKU Usage’ Option

Source Data Changes for ‘Cost’

In order to improve work stability of the extension in different conditions we’ve changed the data source of the ‘Cost’ entity. Previously it was a product-related attribute, but now it is taken from orders. This allows avoiding null data returns in the cases, when some items are deleted or edited improperly.

The Advanced Reports Magento extension


Advanced Reports 2.8 for Magento 1 includes even more features, e.g. ‘Totals’ calculation improvements, new strings in CSV-files, backstage calculation accelerations, etc. that made the extension significantly more reliable and productive.

The Advanced Reports Magento extension is currently available for purchase and update in our Magento 1 store. The whole changelog of the current extension version is available on the product page. You can also try it in action in our demonstration store or get additional information from the provided User Guide.

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