aheadWorks on Shopify

The right principles of online business are the same all around the world and across all ecommerce platforms. Customers’ satisfaction is the only measure of success for all merchants no difference what kind of software they use.

For 15 years we provide advanced ecommerce solutions for digital stores and now it is a great time to make them available for even more store owners. Considering this idea we stumbled upon Shopify – a highly potential ecommerce platform trusted and used by many successful merchants.

aheadWorks on Shopify

It was some kind of a challenge for us to implement our extensions on a SaaS platform, but we are entirely sure that the adjusted approach to promotions, sales, communications, etc. we use in our solutions is perfectly suitable for Shopify as well.

Today, our Shopify catalog consists of two extensions – real brilliants of our portfolio. Follow Up Email and Automatic Related Products are our pioneers on Shopify, but already managed to obtain excellent reviews from satisfied customers.

We use this app to help us send automated emails to our clients to get their reviews. It’s helped us generate a lot of reviews already! The support team is also quick to reply on any help we need and very supportive. And we love the dashboard-clean and simple to use. Keep up the great work!

MatterThings about Follow Up Email

The functionality of these two extensions has passed a long way of field testing and refinement. Now, we can say that they are comprehensive business solutions able to perform multiple tasks within their functional areas.

Functionality Description


The Follow Up Email Shopify extensionFollow Up Email

Email marketing is one of the most effective communication channels and powerful sources of plentiful sales. Using the Follow Up Email application you are able to send personal and automated emails simultaneously.

Automated triggering enables you to save time, decrease marketing costs, establish trusted relations with customers, get new sales, and just be in time. Each email has a great potential for new sales and strong partnerships. So, convert your communication into revenues.

Email Types

Basing on the tested and approved business logic we offer you 8 email types located in the most potential points of the sales process. Proper and prompt reaction, in these cases, most likely will bring you additional benefits, including sales.

Abandoned Carts
Abandoned carts have always been the goldmine of ecommerce as some business areas show significant abandon rates.

Now, you can send fully automated reminders or even email chains to customers according to your own schedule, which are able to convert abandoned carts into real sales.

Email Subscriptions
Email subscriptions are the first sign of interest to your products and services showed by customers. Welcoming notes and emails featuring your benefits are just what customers want from you in this situation.

First Orders
A simple thank you, emailed after the first order, is always highly appreciated by customers, but you can also include your warranty and return policy specifications, individual discounts and so on in such sending. Customers will remember it for a long time.

FUE Email Types
FUE Email Types

Paid Orders
When a customer pays an order, it is not only a subject for technical notifications that the order is completed. It is a great chance to feature other products explaining their benefits and specific advantages.

Canceled Orders
Canceled orders may occur due to just technical issues and it is important to provide customers with professional and in-time advice regarding common checkout and payment problems. The possibility to get a consultation from your support team would also be more than welcomed.

Delivered Purchases
As soon as your customers receive their products, comes a great time to ask for their opinion about the items and shipping service, describe the RMA procedure, if necessary, or even offer some associated goods.

Product and Service Reviews
Product reviews are of high value for customers and indispensable for your store, since they are highly trusted by shoppers. So, properly scheduled review requests sent to customers are able to significantly increase trust and loyalty to your brands.

Visitor Exits
Often, people browse several stores and forget some offers they are actually interested in. So, visitor exits are suitable to remind customers your assortment and return them to the store.


So, email types are related to certain events within the shopping process, but actual email sending may be carried out either immediately, or after a while. Using the Follow Up Email extension you can set up time lags, which determine the moment of delivery: immediately, 20 minutes later, in a week or month.

Advanced Settings

You can also fine-tune your emails using additional conditions like cart total value, order items amount, specific SKUs, or product titles, etc.

Opens and Click Statistics

The module also tracks email opens and links clicked inside your messages.

Email Templates

The Follow Up Email extension supports native Shopify’s email templates and variables. So, you can create universal titles, subjects, or even text pieces and use it in all necessary templates.

Mail Logging

And on the top of that, the module creates mail logs, which allows you to track sent and scheduled emails and be sure that email campaigns are processed correctly.

The Automatic Related Products Shopify extensionAutomatic Related Products

On-site promotions are a very efficient way of getting new sales. Their biggest advantage is that you are able to solely control the way, scope, and time of promos, which is not usually possible in other kinds of advertising.

Advanced Related Products Rules

Using a wide range of product attributes (collection, vendor, price, tag, title, SKU, type, weight, style, color, etc.) the module provides you with real flexibility while setting related products. You can feature up-sells, cross-sells, alternatives, or accompanying products and vary your promotion blocks easily.

You can apply different rules to different products and make your promotions even more effective.

Besides, if you know that some products formally match the rules, but certainly not suitable in some cases, you can exclude them from the rule manually.

Sometimes, rule conditions may interfere and offer different related products for the same products or circumstances. Such conflicts should be resolved using the rules priority attribute determining rule usage sequences.

Related Products
Related Products Block

Display Options

Properly named related products blocks allow customers anticipate and smoothly perceive the content of such blocks and make shopping more convenient. Using Advanced Related Products you can name the blocks anyway you like, including “featured products”, “new products”, “products you may also like”, etc.

The appearance of blocks is also configurable and can be based both on predefined templates or you can bring and embody your own vision.

At last, the sorting options allow you to determine the order of promoted products within the block (bestsellers, newest, low-priced, high-priced, discounted, and randomized).


Well-timed emails and attractive on-site promotions – these are the benefits we currently provide to all Shopify-based merchants.

These modules just open our Shopify portfolio and the others will follow them soon. And, if you have some suggestions regarding any functionality you miss, send us feedback, please.

You can find and purchase our extensions on the product pages at our Shopify apps store.

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