aheadWorks store goes mobile-friendly

As smartphones spread like a wildfire upon the world, we decided it’s high time we had a mobile-friendly version of our store. Looking at our traffic logs we notice that more and more people are visiting our website from a mobile device. Definitely, we want to be accommodating and make your experience more seamless.

Not so long ago aheadWorks has released the iPhone Theme for Magento, which has become one of the favorite extensions among our clients. Now it works at our mobile version of Magento extensions and themes store too.

So, there’s a good reason to give you a discount of 15% on the Magento Mobile module. Starting from today through August 8th, add the extension to your cart and launch a mobile version of your site that looks professional in a matter of minutes!

Moreover, it’s compatible with the most popular mobile operating systems for smart phones: Android OS, iOS, and BlackBerry OS. With the resolution independence feature, you avoid forcing users to squint at everything they do on-screen.

Here are some screenshots of our mobile store:

  • Choose from the catalog on the screen to display the extensions categories.

  • You can move between our web store and mobile store with the same account, including account login/registration information, order history, rewards, support tickets, cart, checkout, etc.

  • Get the full access to the extension live demo and documentation including User Guide and Readme files.

iPhone Theme isn’t the only in-house extension used at our store. Points & Rewards proved to be an effective rewarding system for our customers to get real money for every purchase, review or subscription.

And it’s not the whole list of the extensions ecommerce.aheadworks.com is empowered with. A dozen of our modules help us successfully and efficiently run our business. Here are the links to the previous posts you may have missed:

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You can also refer to our Knowledge Base to learn more about the extensions and the way aheadWorks uses them.

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