Answer your customers’ questions before they’ve been asked

Some analysts say that FAQs can raise your business by 5, 10, or even 20%. Answer questions before they’ve been asked – rational enough taking into consideration that people like caring attitude and thank by becoming your regular customers.

The Knowledge Base Magento extension allows you to add FAQ page to your store. This software implies the usage of a knowledge base to store solutions on problem issues which are referred to periodically or any other documentation required for your site needs.

Since the 1.1 version released today, Knowledge Base is compatible with Magento EE and Moreover, now you can specify whether to use secure URLs for the extension in the frontend or disable this option.

The following bugs have been fixed in Knowledge Base v.1.1:

  • articles from deleted categories aren’t accessible
  • incorrect rating calculation
  • list tags doesn’t work in the article content
  • incorrect tags view
  • incorrect store view switching
  • issue with short description content
  • hardcoded footer link
  • incorrect translation file
  • global record search doesn’t work with Knowledge Base articles

Learn more about this Magento extension on the Knowledge Base page.

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Magento 1.5

about 9 years ago

I would say that it's more than important for customers to always feel comfortable. This is extremely important especially when they start the process a little uneasy. If there are any doubts within their minds, it makes it all the less likely that they will move forward... and rightly so.


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