Automatic Related Products for Shopify: Great Moment for Decent Promotional Content

Customers always appreciate wise and relevant product suggestions, thus you need to consider both the content and moment of your related product promotions.

Automatic Related Products for Shopify

Depending on the objectives pursued the content of related products is commonly based on two general types:

  • Natural Supplements – supplementing products, which make the use of the main product more efficient, convenient or just possible;
  • Usual Additions – supplements commonly used with the main product as a result of individual habits or collective behavior.

The above products usually follow the main item and the same does the customers’ purchasing behavior. Firstly, customers choose or even purchase required products and just later recollect the need to get something in addition.

Automatic Related Products New Functionality

So, on this shopping path your related products have to remain in the immediate vicinity for a customer, what is exactly the thing provided by the newest features of the Automatic Related Products application.

Shopping Cart Promo

From now on, related products are also displayed in customers’ shopping carts allowing them to complete their purchases with additional still necessary items.

And, here you can suggest both closely related to the main item products or just bestsellers approved by the majority of your customers.

Related Products in the Shopping Cart

Related Products in the Shopping Cart

Shopping Cart Placement Settings
The functionality is located in the Shopping Cart Promo Products section and allows you to create multiple rules for different products. The setting process takes several steps and starts from the configuration. On this stage, you should specify the rule’s name and priority.

Secondly, you determine specific conditions to trigger displaying of the related product block in the cart. You can suggest related products to all shopping carts or only containing specific items. Necessary conditions or condition sets are determined by the selection of product attributes/options and their values.

Determining the content of the block is the third stage. Here you should specify the products to be displayed in the block the same way you did it in the previous step.

Shopping Cart Promo Products Settings

Shopping Cart Promo Products Settings

And, finally you need to set the view of your related products block in the How to display section. It allows you to specify the block’s name and template, maximum products quantity, sorting options, and enable the block on frontend.

Recently Viewed Products

Going deeper to make you customers’ shopping experience even easier and more comfortable Automatic Related Products displays the products browsing history in the dedicated block.

Recently Viewed Products

Recently Viewed Products

The block is activated from the Recently Viewed Products section and provides you with the statistics of views and clicks of the recently viewed products.

The configuration options also include the Title, Template, Max products to display, and Where to display fields. Thus, you can select preferred layout options, determine web store areas for displaying (Home page, Product page, Collection or Shopping cart) and specify the number of products in one block.

Except of the new features, constantly added to our products, we also use the second way to develop and enhance the functionality of our applications – product integrations. Joint functionalities of several applications give rise to beyond the regular still beneficial opportunities.

Recently Viewed Products Settings

Recently Viewed Products Settings

Automatic Related Products Integration Options

Now, when you have installed both the Automatic Related Products and Follow Up Email Shopify applications, you get a unique chance to enrich your follow up messages with custom related products promotions.

If you send customers product referring follow up emails, e.g. First Order or Abandoned Checkout, you can add the related products block to them using the dedicated variable.

Included to the email template the variable displays related products to the item, which has the highest price in the email. And, if the ARP is not installed, it just hides the variable without any email format breaking.


The above new features multiply your chances to reach customers and let them know a bit more about your products and services. Not obtrusive and relevant information is always highly appreciated, so take advantage of your leadership.

All the information related to Automatic Related Products is posted on the product page of the application in our store or Shopify App Store. In Shopify App Store you can also purchase the app or both apps, including Follow Up Email.

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