AW Impressions from MageConf’12

Hello you all! This weekend was hot and I’m talking not only about the weather, but about MageConf’12 🙂 The conference took place in Kiev, Ukraine. It was divided into three branches: Magento, Workshop, and PHP. Though all reports were informative and worth listening, the PHP hall was much sought after.

As always, the event was arranged at the highest level: nice POS-materials, a great number of banners, advertising, and of course a lot of interesting reports. Each speaker had a cute T-short with the words “Trust Me, I’m a Speaker”. Sounds trustworthy, isn’t it? 😉

During breaks between reports, people relaxed playing PlayStation 3. Our technical support team occupied the bean bag chairs.

“PHP Elephant” became the most popular subject for taking photos with and of course we also couldn’t pass by 🙂

After the conference, I’ve asked one of my colleagues about his general impression from MageConf’12 and here is what he said.

Dmitry Zhuravlev, technical support specialist: “As the practice shows, the number of Magento representatives grows every year and it’s nice to know that we are in trend. Also, it is pleasant to see that people know aheadWorks and they do now what we are doing! I’m proud of our company.” 😉

I’ve also asked our PM to share his opinion of the reports and their value personally for him.

Peter Samoilov, Product Manager: “Perhaps, the most interesting reports were about the details of Magento 2 development. I would like to mention Anton Makarenko “Review of the View layer changes in Magento 2” and Alexey Koroshenko “MVC in Magento 2. New look at VC”. It was also interesting to learn new things about X.Commerce with the examples.

Alexey Pilguy prepared nice report “Development of new module market for Magento – X.Commerce-enabled.” Special thanks to Vitaliy Korotun and his speech “Small stories about the great victories” in the PHP section.

Generally speaking, the conference was interesting and informative, just like as all Magento conferences.”

We can confidently say that MageConf was a success! We are looking forward to meet you all again.

P.S. On behalf of the whole our team, I want to say thanks for the afterparty. I won’t show photos, as what happens in Kiev, stays in Kiev 😉

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