Bulk Updates of Magento Extensions


The Sociable extension is a perfect solution for social bookmarking your products and store pages. This Magento bookmarking extension allows sharing links to any page from your store on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or any social networking site.

Today we are excited to release Sociable v.1.1.1 which supports new Google code that speeds up the +1 button via an asynchronous code snippet. The code allows a web page to load with the +1 JavaScript code in parallel.

The following bugs have been fixed in Sociable v.1.1.1:

  • Integration with bit.ly doesn’t work
  • Some errors in W3C validation
  • Google+1 button clicks are not counted
  • Incorrect display of more than one Google+1 buttons
  • Missing services in the administration grid

Find the extension demo and features on the Sociable page.

The Market Segmentation Suite Magento module takes the concept of customer segmentation to a whole new level. Whether you choose to target your customers on a one-to-one or one-to-many basis, you control with precision who sees what and when based on what you know about them, so that you can plan and execute marketing and merchandising strategies with pinpoint accuracy.

An updated Market Segmentation Suite v.2.1 includes a number of new rule conditions that merchants will find beneficial:

  • ‘Subtotal’ condition is added to ‘Shopping cart’ price rules block
  • ‘Category’ condition is added to ‘Products’ rules block
  • ‘Store’ condition is added to ‘Orders’ rules block

Also the following bugs have been fixed in Market Segmentation Suite v.2.1:

  • Impossible to delete ‘Advanced Newsletter Subscription’ condition
  • Incorrect titles in administration panel

Learn more about all extension features on the Market Segmentation Suite page.

Market Segmentation Suite

Advanced Menu

With the Advanced Menu extension you finally have flexible menu configuration functionality. In just two simple clicks, you can choose any look from the admin panel, making your store menu appear the way and the place you want.

The updated Advanced Menu v.2.2 is now packed with a helpful caching system.

Also, the following bugs have been fixed:

  • ‘Include in navigation menu’ option doesn’t affect the extension
  • Advanced menu classes – nav-1, nav-2, nav-3 classes are missed
  • Optimized code for using on stores with many categories

Learn more about the extension features and try the Advanced Menudemo on the product page.

The Points & Rewards Magento extension offers a reward system which allows newcomers and returned users to earn points for activity in your store. Points can be awarded automatically and manually by the merchant for different admin-specified actions. Later these points can be redeemed for discounts.

In the latest 1.2.2 version of Points and Rewards the following bugs have been fixed:

  • Auto-approved tags with the same tag names
  • Already subscribed customer can get points in Magento v.1.3
  • Messages are not translated in the history of points on the account page
  • Incorrect calculation of points for small total price
  • Time and date format issue
  • Multistore problems in notifications
  • Unexpected parsing
  • W3C validation fails

Visit the Points & Rewards page to learn more.

Points & Rewards

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