Coming up this month: Video Testimonials extension by aheadWorks!

Online video marketing is very important in today’s ecommerce. Build your customers trust, increase sales, prove that you are the best merchant to do business with. Potential customers want more than just promises from your website – they want to see satisfied customers sharing positive experience using your product.

Video Testimonials Magento extension by aheadWorks allows your customers to upload video testimonials and reviews, your potential customers – view videos on your website and rate. All videos are stored on youTube. Store administrator is able to select user groups able to upload video or disable public upload feature at all – this makes sense when you use this extension to add your own video guides and reviews to your products.

Extension will be released later this month – keep an eye on updates!



about 11 years ago

You really need to incorporate a flash video encoding widget so visitors can record directly from the page (like youtube responses). Asking users to record on their computer, then upload isn't likely to happen all that often. Recording on the page would require a flash streaming media server, but they start at the low end at $10 at The low end FMS account would be adequate for most stores, I would imagine, given the low amount of traffic at any given time.



about 11 years ago

@Luke Users are able to record video on YouTube then provide its url as a video source for testimonials. Extension automatically picks it up and adds to product videos database. We think Google will add my_webcam feature to API soon.


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