Confessions of a Magento Store Owner

One of my jobs here at aheadWorks is to highlight our clients’ stores and listen to what vendors say about Magento extensions they have chosen to organize their day-to-day operations.

This time I had a chat with Nicolò Bottazzi, the founder of a web store who two years ago faced the necessity to move from a custom platform to Magento as more reliable and stable platform.


What: Salustore is an Italian wellness store that has been operating since 2000 and has a strong reputation for the sale of haircare products. It sells more than 200 different products.

Where: Bergamo, Italy

aheadWorks’ extensions in use

Q: How did you come up with Magento platform?

A: Until 2009 we used a custom platform for our e-commerce, but over time we realized that it was mandatory for us to move to a more reliable, secure product, that could guarantee the quality that was necessary for us. We made several tests and benchmarks to detect the ideal product that would meet our needs and we subsequently gradually restricted the number of candidates, choosing Magento for a number of reasons:

  • Magento has already become a must have brand for those wanting to make e-commerce
  • Magento flexibility allows us to modify existing features or add new ones
  • The standard version of Magento contains all the features required to implement a good e-commerce store

Q: Why did you choose aheadWorks Co. as a Magento extensions provider?

A: Test, evaluate and then decide – this has always been our slogan. The aheadWorks extensions have always proved to be a “step ahead” compared to direct competitors.

aheadWorks is definitely growing in the right direction and the extensions it creates are more and more reliable, stable and well structured. The discussion forum also lets you have direct contact with those involved in development and this allows us to offer a service that is rarely found elsewhere.

Q: What aheadWorks extensions do you use?

A: For now we use 15 modules:

  • Advanced Reviews
  • Advanced Newsletter
  • Advanced Reports
  • AJAX Cart Pro
  • Blog – Magento Enterprise Edition
  • Checkout Promo
  • Customer Purchases
  • Follow Up Email
  • Help Desk Ultimate
  • Market Segmentation Suite
  • On Sale
  • Product Questions
  • Product Updates Notifications
  • Automatic Related Products 2
  • Search Autocomplete and Suggest

Q: What impact do our extensions have on your business?

A: We have certainly had a significant increase in the quality of the communication with our customers. Follow Up Email is, in my opinion, the top aheadWorks extension. it allows you to follow, stimulate the undecided user, e.g. in case of abandoned cart, bringing him back to the store to complete the order. Also Checkout Promo is, to my mind, a Must Have extension that has allowed us to achieve a 15% increase in the average value of the cart.

Q: Can you describe your experience in using aheadWorks extensions.

A: We have been using the aheadWorks extensions for quite a long time and we feel satisfied; we thoroughly enjoyed the increasing quality and stability. Many aheadWorks competitors have launched extensions that apparently might seem useful; e.g. “shop by brand”, but they heavily affected some key elements of Magento, which was dangerous. We therefore appreciated the aheadWorks commercial choices always aimed at giving a service of increasing quality.

Q: Did you experience any troubles using the extensions? Did you apply to our support team?

A: Yes, sometimes it happens, but there has always been collaboration with your help team in order to solve the problem. We never had to stop production due to the aheadWorks extensions.

Q: Any last words you might have?

A: Why among the extensions available at for purchase, don’t you put also the one you are using on your website (author’s note: Countdown Widget)? I would be disposed to spend €250.00 on it. 😉

Q: Thank you, Nicolò, for sharing your experience with our Magento society.

P.S. If you would like to promote your site, please feel free to contact me at

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about 9 years ago

Thanks Natalia and Nicolò for the great interview! I just have to add that the Countdown Widget is scheduled for development, so expect its release soon.


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