Create a complete picture of your business situation

The Advanced Reports extension improves functionality of native Magento reports and creates a complete picture of your business situation. Advanced Reports is a perfect solution for all your reporting needs whether you want to display data from various charts, aggregate information by week or anything else.

In the Advanced Reports v.2.2 released today, a bulk of new features has been implemented. For example, now you don’t have to set up date range every time you navigate to next report – just select the required period once and analyse different aspects of your sales.

With the Advanced Reports Magento extension you can get more information from your “Sales Report” as a “customer group” column has been added to this report type. Also, “Sales Report” has its own data cache now.

Other features

  • Order status configuration per report
  • Ability to select orders by “Create at” or “Updated at”
  • Column view customization per report
  • Ability to include/exclude refunded items in “Sales Report”
  • Total, Invoiced, and Refunded columns in “Products by Customer” report
  • “SKU of simple product/SKU of configurable product” option in “Bestsellers” and “Sales Report”
  • SKU instant search in “Sales by Product” report
  • Detailed data selection by optional and masked SKU in “Sales by Product” report

Also, the following bugs have been fixed in Advanced Reports:

  • Incorrect days grouping by week
  • Incorrect data in “Sales by Customer Group”
  • Reports did not support extended title for Magento and higher
  • Incorrect ASC and DESC sorting by percent
  • Wrong period title when “Week” range is selected in “Sales by Product”
  • Outdated data loss in “Sales by Country”
  • Wrong time zone offset in “Sales by Hour” and “Sales by Day of Week”
  • Wrong number of orders in short intervals
  • Fatal error when exporting data in “Sales” report
  • Security reminder for chart image when using https
  • Incorrect “Total” in “Sales by Product” report
  • “Last Business Week (Mon – Fri)”, “Last Week (Mon – Fri)”, and “Last 7 days” presets worked incorrectly
  • Error occurs when admin with restricted role navigated to Advanced Reports tab in Magento Enterprise
  • Days of week order in “Sales by Day of Week” doesn’t correspond to the global settings
  • JavaScript error appeared while switching store view
  • Incorrect data for configurable products in “Sales Report”
  • Error appeared while changing store view in “User Activity”
  • Ampersand in SKU does not take result in “Sales by Product”



Together with the Advanced Reports extension we’ve updated additional units and released new versions with the following changes:

Sales by Manufacturer 1.0.4


  • Ability to filter orders by “Create at” or “Updated at”
  • New columns

Bugfix: incorrect total calculation


Sales Statistics 1.0.4

Feature: ability to filter orders by “Create at” or “Updated at”

Bugfix: incorrect column title


Sales by Coupon Code 1.0.2

Feature: ability to filter orders by “Create at” or “Updated at”

Bugfix: case sensitivity for coupon codes


New vs. Returning Customers 1.0.4

Feature: ability to filter orders by “Create at” or “Updated at”


Users Wishlist 1.0.3

Feature: new “Customer group” column


Sales by ZIP Code 1.0.3

Feature: ability to filter orders by “Create at” or “Updated at”

You can try new features of the module and additional units in the demo on the Advanced Reports page.

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