Follow Up Email for Shopify Hits the 2.5 Million Emails Benchmark

With social media came to the fore the role of email marketing for new sales was obviously underestimated. However, as soon as the tide of buzz falls down the real value of email sendings is showing up gradually.
Follow Up Email for Shopify Hits the 2.5 Million Emails Benchmark

According to statistics, emails stand far ahead of other mediums with the Average Open Rate of 21.76% and Average Click-through Rate of 3.57% for all industries. Furthermore, emails generate more conversions than other marketing channels and provide better ROI.*

This data vividly show that any marketing mix is to include email sendings regardless of the particular qualities of customer audiences or products. Shopify store owners realize this advantage clearly and use it intensively.

The Follow Up Email extension for ShopifyFor now, the Follow Up Email application for Shopify by Aheadworks celebrates a great milestone of 2.5 Million sent emails, including abandoned cart recoveries, sales promotions, review requests, welcomes, additional service offers, etc. Throughout its history on Shopify the application served thousands of stores, including single-product and chock-full ones, dozens of countries, and millions of end customers.

2.5 Million Email Results

Follow Up Email Types

Naturally, the main feature and most valuable benefit of the application that impacts sales directly is the most popular occasion among the utilized email types.

Abandoned carts make 31% of the whole number of emails, however the practice of use reveals that the application is not a one-feature solution. The provided versatile functionality is used by merchants widely, on various occasions, and full time.

Diagram. Sent follow up emails by email types

Follow up emails by types

Follow Up Email Recovers 11.6% of Abandoned Carts

According to the data we have, abandoned carts follow up emails are extremely efficient. The abandoned carts recovery rate reaches up to 11.6% that is more than $1.6 million in revenue.

Follow Up Email Workload in Large and Small Stores

Often, the number of sent emails per day for large stores may exceed 1000 and reach up to 2.5 thousand before Christmas, for example. So, the Follow Up Email extension copes even with great flows of sendings and is suitable for any size of business.


The Follow Up Email application for Shopify has already proved its usefulness in practice through the provided above data and thousands of satisfied customers worldwide. As we could see, its functionality is suitable and beneficial for absolutely different stores and in different occasions.

So, if you need some more details regarding the application’s functionality or pricing contact our support team, please. The application is available for purchase in the Shopify App store.


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