Forget about this dull native More Views gallery!

Small images in the standard media gallery do not draw your customers’ attention. Your site visitors can even overlook them. It is a great pity and moreover loss of profits for many businesses. You can’t afford losing your potential clients because of the so inconspicuous but extremely important elements of the product page.

Forget about this dull native More Views gallery! It is very time to make the displaying of your items images attractive and up-to-date. The Product Images Slider Magento extension from aheadWorks replaces standard media gallery with its cute slider.

The Product Images Slider extension rotates the pictures of your items, so that you can be sure that your customers’ attention will be definitely attracted. Play with different animation speed values and select the one which is the most comfortable for your eyes.

Small Magento static gallery is not catching and doesn’t make your product page look unique. With Product Images Slider, just select the type of animation effect for your items pictures to be displayed and enjoy how your product page brisks.



Represent product images as slider view in the same way Image Slider does

Multistore support

Multiple blocks on one CMS page

Different types of animation effects:

  • simple slider
  • fade\appear
  • blind up \ blind down
  • slide up \ slide down
  • jalousie

Predefined positions:

  • replace native image switcher
  • use your own position

Ability to:

  • insert slider via widgets, CMS, and layout
  • specify first frame timeout
  • define animation speed
  • hide images navigation automatically
  • set up period for image displaying
  • disable block navigation

Visit the Product Images Slider page to learn more.

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