Give discounts to the invited customers with Refer a Friend v. 1.4

Improve your sales enabling your customers to refer friends to your store. In return, reward the referrers with percentage or flat discounts. Get the expanded and greatly improved Refer a Friend Magento extension v. 1.4 to benefit from a viral advertising.

With a bunch of great improvements implemented recently, there are more reasons for the Refer a Friend Magento module to be a ‘must-have’ plugin.

New Features:

  • Give a bonus to the invited customer
    Now you can reward not only the referrer, but give discounts to the customer who makes a purchase after being invited by another customer, or for any other activity on your website.

  • Ability to calculate purchase amount as ‘item price’ or ‘item price + tax’
    Define the way the purchase amount will be calculated: item price only, regardless of tax, or total amount.

  • Specify the redirection link after one has followed the referrer’s link
    If you have a ‘Welcome page’ for newcomers or you want them to visit a certain page, just put in the page URL in the Redirect to field. The user will be redirected to the specified page after clicking the referred link.

  • Ability to stop further rules processing and disable any rule
    Besides the already existent possibility to define the rule priority, Refer a Friend 1.4 version for Magento allows the store owners to stop further rules processing. This means that only the current rule will be applied if your conditions are met. Stock up, enable or disable multiple rule types as the need arises.

  • Invitation form improvement
    The invitation form has become more intuitive. Now the referrer can see not only the invitation text but also the message that there is no need to insert the broadcast link (or any other link) in the invitation form. It is added to the message automatically after the invitation is send.

  • Multistore support
    The updated version of the Refer a Friend extension allows you to select multiple websites where the rule will be applied.

The following bugs have been fixed in Refer a Friend 1.4 version:

  • script in referrals name executed on the referrer page
  • discount is lost after rule is deleted
  • incorrect calculation if discount is more than subtotal
  • customers can have a discount from refunded orders
  • new rules are applied to the existent signups
  • custom SMTP compatibility
  • setup optimization
  • incorrect message on the customer Account page
  • incorrect discount calculating
  • the “Discount amount is greater than” rule works incorrectly
  • canceled order doesn’t return used discount
  • wrong work of some rules
  • wrong URL in the email if HTTPS is enabled on the frontend page
  • rule modifying causes change of the earned discount
  • problem with notifications sending
  • wrong statistics

We are also happy to release the revised Refer a Friend User Guide which introduces you to the main module configuration and gives the detailed examples of different rules creation:

  • how to get 5% off for 7 signed up friends
  • how to get $10 off for 5 purchased items made by all referred friends
  • how to get a $20 discount for the purchased amount of $500 made by each referral
  • how to give 5% off for the first referral purchase
  • how different rules are triggered depending on the rule priority

Run the product demo to test the new implemented features or download the Refer a Friend User Guide right now from the extension page!

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