How to increase up-sells and cross-sells in your Magento store

If you want to be ahead of your competitors and grow your business, you have to complete multiple tasks every day. You can’t relax saying that everything is done once and for all. In a role of a successful store owner, you have to provide your customers with the premium class merchandise as well as with more opportunities to make a purchase when they visit your store.

Actually, Magento offers a certain number of “out-of-the-box” features and can be used without additional modules. However, several studies have repeatedly shown us that the sales can be considerably increased with the help of proper tools. aheadWorks offers a variety of different extensions that can be used to promote your up-sales and cross-sales. Below there are six steps you can take in this direction.

1. The Frequently Bought Together Magento module is designed to present related items in the product view page of your store. This useful Magento extension upgrades the content of your store and attracts your visitors at the same time. This way, your consumers are motivated to put additional goods in their shopping carts. Needless to say that if these related products are presented in a convenient, attractive and modern way, the big chances are that you’ll increase your cross-sells and total purchase amounts.

Frequently Bought Together

2. With the Who Bought This Also Bought extension, you can take advantage of human psychology. Many researches show that the large part of customers is often influenced by other customers’ purchases. If a customer is ready to purchase a product, a set of additional items most relevant to their purchase can be a serious stimulus to buy more. Remember that website design and strategy issues should be always based on motivations for online buyers.

Who Bought This Also Bought

3. Almost the same concept was used while creating the Who Viewed This Also Viewed module from aheadWorks Co. When a customer views a set of additional products which was also viewed by other customers when visiting the same product page, he or she may have an impulse idea of buying it on the spot. According to the popular saying – “Seeing is believing” – the Who Viewed This Also Viewed module takes the cross-selling in your store to a new higher level.

Who Viewed This Also Viewed

4. The Automatic Related Products Magento module gives you the possibility to automate the process of adding any related products you wish. If your customers click on a product they are interested in, they can purchase something similar to it or something with a lower price. All you have to do is to define the rules for cross-sells or up-sells selection. Then Automatic Related Products will populate the block automatically giving your visitors a bigger range of products.

Automatic Related Products

5. For one reason or another, sometimes you wish some products to be placed in a spotlight and sell these products over all the rest. With the Featured Products 3 Magento extension, you can easily make it happen. This Magento module allows you to display a number of items using a grid layout based on thumbnail images of your popular products. These goods will be displayed at any page of your Magento store that certainly increases the chances of selling more.

Featured Products 3

6. The Automatic Products Callouts Magento extension allows you to create an automatic category landing page that lists the category’s top merchandise, like “Bestsellers”, “Top rated”, “Top viewed”, or “Top searched”. The customers feel attracted by this magic pair of words – “the best” – so there’s a major possibility that they will make an extra purchase. These blocks of top products can be placed anywhere on your site increasing your additional sells.

Automatic Products Callouts

So it turns like any features, which provide your customers with opportunities of seeing more products, lead to the increase of your sales. Taking advantage of cross-selling and up-selling seems to be a great step towards boosting your revenue.



about 9 years ago

Wish the "Automatic Related Products" was updated for Been waiting almost a year for an update! Probably one of the best we've come across in all of Magento, but unfortunately can't use with our version :(



about 9 years ago

@EJ We develop a new version but it is too early to talk about exact release dates. Please, subscribe to our RSS or newsletter to receive a note about it.


Magento Agentur

about 9 years ago

Does Ajax cart pro support configurable products in the current version? The version I have tested, displays the overlay window only for simple products. It did not display an overlay window for configurable products, but redirected to the product page :-(


Natalia Korol

about 9 years ago

Yes, the AJAX Cart Pro extension supports Simple, Downloadable, and Configurable Products. Please see the demo of the Configurable Products:


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