Layered Navigation 1.6 for Magento 2: Less Filters, More Clues

Following the development roadmap we continue updating our Magento 2 extensions and here comes the next version of our Layered Navigation extension.

Layered Navigation 1.6 for Magento 2: Less Filters, More Clues

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Layered Navigation 1.6

Hiding Void Filters

This feature makes the Layered Navigation filter more clear and comfortable as far as it disables the filters having only null attributes. No matter, either you start with a particular category or negate some filters during the filtration process, the module will hide the whole product attribute filter with all blank options.

The 'Hide filters with no available values' Configuration Option

The ‘Hide filters with no available values’ Configuration Option

The ‘Hide filters with no available values’ option is configurable, so that you can disable it anytime you need to show customers the whole list of filters they can take advantage of.

Adaptive Price Ranges

The next functionality enhancement that improves the extension’s usability are automatic price range updates. From now on, the range of displayed prices becomes dependent on the price range of the filtered products set.

Adaptive Price Ranges

Adaptive Price Ranges

This way, a price range changes each time you apply a new filter and varies only between the lowest and highest prices of currently selected products.

The Layered Navigation extension for Magento 2


With the above functionality improvements your Magento layered navigation will become more clear and comfortable for store visitors. The whole list of feature for Layered Navigation 1.6 is available on its product page.

You can purchase or update the extension in our Magento 2 store or try it first-hand in our demos.

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