Let your customers preview your products exactly at the category page!

Very often while shopping online people have to go to product page every time they want to see larger item image as on the category page it is far from being detailed. Such “category page → product page → category page” store browsing is patience-requiring and time-consuming. It turns into a real headache in large stores where full-size images lose out to the necessity of displaying as much products per page as possible.

The Product Preview Pro Magento extension gives your store visitors an ability to preview the scaled-up product image exactly on the category page. Everything they should do is to hover the mouse cursor over the item picture – the popup window with large product image will appear.

Whether you run clothes, shoes, accessories, adornment, or any other store where the product image plays first fiddle, you will definitely feel how the Product Preview Pro Magento extension enlarges your store usability and your customers’ satisfaction. Show your store visitors that you do care about them.

With the Product Preview Pro Magento module, you shouldn’t worry which screen dimension your customers’ monitors have, because our Magento extension never exceeds it. Moreover, Product Preview Pro doesn’t block any native Magento functionality – your store visitors will meet no problems with going to the product page by clicking the item picture, even if the preview image is already displayed.

Some other Product Preview Pro features are the following:

  • “Base Image” of the product is used as preview picture
  • Ability to enable/disable product name in the popup window
  • While loading image preview, spinner is shown
  • Ability to upload custom image loading indicator
  • Image cache for the picture preview
  • Ability to specify delay time before preview image will be displayed
  • Popup window immediately disappears if the mouse pointer is outside the product block
  • Ability to define the categories for the popup window to be displayed at
  • Ability to enable/disable product preview for new categories
  • Ability to specify maximal image size

Find the extension demo on the Product Preview Pro page.

Product preview Pro $99

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