Low Stock Alert Tracks Fast and Slowly Consumable Products Separately

We have already provided our Shopify customers and store owners with the chance to avoid losing customers as a result of the lack of products with our free Low Stock Alerts application.

Low Stock Alert Tracks Separately Fast and Slowly Consumable Products

Still, the issue is not that simple since some products are being sold quickly, while other ones – slowly. So, what should be considered as a universal low stock threshold?

Most likely, we’ll not be able to find that gold mean compliant with all the circumstances and just need to create different thresholds for different product collections. That is exactly the idea behind the new feature recently released for the Low Stock Alert application by Aheadworks.

The Low Stock Alert Shopify ApplicationLow Stock Alert New Feature

Up to 5 Separate Low Stock Lists

Now, the application allows you to create 5 different low stock threshold values for five different product collections. The functionality is even more beneficial, as far as you can assign products to certain collections according to diverse and highly adaptive product conditions.

This way, the application creates five low stock lists based on product inventory stocks, types, vendors, prices, etc. and their combinations. Using the above conditions you can assign suitable thresholds to only certain products and get rid of duplicate products in your low stock lists. For your convenience each low stock list is sent in different email notifications.

Low Stock Alert Settings

Low Stock Alert Settings

New Feature Settings

Starting from the very beginning you need to create collections with different thresholds in the Low Stock Alert / Settings section. Here you can also manage and edit existing collections, including their names and thresholds.

Next, you can reach out any created collection in the Products/Collections section and set individual conditions for them. The Conditions block allows you to set two condition fulfillment parameters: product must match all conditions or any condition.

Except the previously settled inventory stock threshold the conditions include several additional product attributes: Product title, type, vendor, price, tag, Compare at price, Weight, and Variant’s title. Using the above attributes you can create an unlimited combination of versatile conditions and pinpoint the product collection of a certain low stock inventory level.

Low Stock Alert Product Collection Conditions

Low Stock Alert Product Collection Conditions

This way, the new functionality improves the inventory management process and accurately follows inventory of different products.


The Low Stock Alert Shopify application by Aheadworks saves you from constant tracking of inventory balances and overcomes the gap between highly liquid and low-liquid products.

Our application is absolutely free of charge and you can download it in our Shopify store or Shopify App Store. You can also refer to the above pages to get any additional information on the application functionality and use terms.

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