Magento 1.6.x extensions updates

Product Preview Pro

The Product Preview Pro Magento extension gives your store visitors an ability to preview the scaled-up product image exactly on the category page.

The following bugs have been fixed in Product Preview Pro v.1.0.1:

  • Special symbols in product name
  • Magento – incorrect z-index
  • Doesn’t work in Firefox
  • Incorrect vertical align of image

Find more info on the Product Preview Pro page.

Improve your sales enabling your customers to refer friends to your store. In return, reward the referrers with percentage or flat discounts. Get the updated Refer a Friend Magento extension v.1.4.2 to benefit from a viral advertising.

Refer a Friend v.1.4.2 is now compatible with:

  • Magento CE 1.6.x
  • Windows platforms
  • Internet Explorer 9

Find more information about this Magento module on the Refer a Friend page.

Refer a Friend

Customer Purchases

Without the help of the Customer Purchases Magento module, it would be complicated to quickly view what each customer is buying. That’s because the standard Magento ‘Orders’ tab simply doesn’t allow this option.

The following minor bugs have been fixed in Customer Purchases v.1.2.3:

  • Wrong currency symbol display
  • Minor grid modification

Learn more about Customer Purchases on the extension page.

With the Delivery Date and Notice Magento extension, your customers can quickly specify their preferable delivery times and create notices for delivery persons every time they make a purchase!

Since the latest 1.2 version the following bugs have been fixed:

  • ‘Delivery is NOT available during these days and periods’ saving option error
  • JS issue with input field hiding in backend

Try the extension demo on the Delivery Date and Notice page.

Delivery Date and Notice

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