Magento Affiliate Program. One More Opportunity to Increase Sales

Editor’s note: Usually potential sales volume of a certain business is limited by purchasing facilities of the market and during its life each business strives to expand that limits and get more revenue. There are a lot of ways to achieve this and an affiliate program is one of the most promising among them.

Merchants usually overlook affiliate programs as a valuable source of extra sales, but actually all mature online businesses have their own affiliate programs and widely advertise and engage in them. Here are only the greatest online entities, which have their own sophisticated affiliate programs in one form or another: Google, Amazon, eBay, Apple, etc.

Most affiliate programs are based on cookies technology, provide versatile reports both for publishers and merchants and exploit multiple advertising tools:

  • advertising toolbars;
  • product links;
  • widgets;
  • banners;
  • ad stores;
  • API integration.

Possible technical implementation of an affiliate program can be done anyway you like using API integration.

But some merchants still think that it is difficult to deploy affiliate programs and customers do not like them, multiple outbound links break search engine rules,  and the Publisher does not look like a necessary participant of the process.

The other side of the coin is much more attractive, and, furthermore, the present-day compensation methods ratio is favorable and safe for merchants. 80% of current affiliate programs are based on PPS (Pay per Sale) compensations, only 19% are based on CPA (Cost per Action), and only 1% of them are based on CPC (Cost per Click) or CPM (Cost per Mille). (Wikipedia)

 The Magento Affiliate extensionMagento Affiliate

The Magento Affiliate extension will help you organize your own affiliate program and push the boundaries of your sales and get more revenue. This extension possesses multiple features and flexible configuration options. If a customer follows an affiliate link to your website and makes a purchase in accordance with the rules of your campaign, the affiliate is paid. You can pay him or her fixed percent rate, tier percent rate, fixed amount or tier amount.


  • Configurable campaigns:
    • rule-based system for products selection;
    • adjustable date period;
    • allowed customer groups;

Rule-based system for products selection

  • Adjustable per-campaign rates:
    • fixed percent;
    • tier percent;
    • fixed amount;
    • tier amount;

Adjustable per-campaign rates

  • Transactions-based system;
  • Convert customer to affiliate manually or automatically basing on group;
  • Ability to set minimum withdrawal amount and holding period;

Minimum withdrawal amount

  • Reports with visualization: Sales, Conversion, Traffic sources;
  • Ability to generate a report for any period of time;

 A report for any period of time

  • All reports can be downloaded as CSV file;
  • Ability to exclude taxes while earning calculating;
  • Notifications sent to admin;
  • Ability to add commissions from backend;

Ability to add commissions from backend

  • Multistore support.

Many of our customers have already used this extension and shared their experience:

“We’ve managed to attract a good number of webmasters to promote our store. Now they generate about 15% of our turnover without any additional efforts from our end.
We set up this addon, created some promo materials and announced affiliate program”

Review by Matt

“Recently bought this extension and it works flawlessly. The generation of affiliate links works great on the front end and the use of custom reports for the affiliates are very useful.
Money well spent. The guys have done a brilliant job!”

Review by Steven

Affiliate marketing is a very efficient tool for sales generation, and the Magento Affiliate extension allows you to launch it easy and customize anyway you like.




about 6 years ago

Do you think amazon's affiliate program is a good pick?


Dmitry Shatkov

about 6 years ago

This program was mentioned in the post just as a successful example from an outstanding company. But we still can't recommend it as a model for every business or advise you to enter it.


Gerri B.

about 6 years ago

Hi! I am looking into Affiliate for a managed website for one of our clients. They would like to set up certain websites as affiliates but, they do not want the individual customers to have access to becoming affiliates. Is the customer option a feature that can be turned off, hidden or blocked? Also, if I purchase Affiliate and it does not work as I need it to, do you have a return policy? I would appreciate any information you can give that will help me know whether your Affiliate product will work for me. Thank you!


Dmitry Shatkov

about 6 years ago

The module doesn't allow any individual customer to register as an affiliate. Magento admins should register each one manually. Here you will find the description of this process: For more information you can also visit the demo store of the extension If the module doesn't suits you, our return policy provides 45-day money back guarantee period.


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