Manage your booking and reservation work efficiently and with ease!

The Booking and Reservations Magento extension allows you to offer and manage all kinds of bookable products efficiently and with ease. Whether you are a travel operator, run a cinema hall, or organize events, this module will make your job an absolute breeze.

Today we are glad to release Booking and Reservations v.1.2.2 which is now compatible with Magento EE 1.10 and Magento CE 1.5. Moreover, the following features have been implemented:

  • Speed increase
    In the 1.2.2 version, booking product pages are loaded much faster than before.
  • Notification to admin about wanting product quantity in completed order
    Sometimes 2 customers add the same product to cart at the same time. But the quantity available is less than customers ordered. Now if such situation occurs, admin gets the warning notification.
  • Tiered price support
    Promote your booking\reservation products by pricing items differently when higher quantities are purchased.

Some bugs have been fixed in Booking and Reservations v.1.2.2 including the following:

  • incorrect extension work if two customers add one product to cart at the same time
  • incorrect work with orders which don’t need invoice
  • fatal error while filtering “Last order” at Booking/orders grid
  • “‘opConfig’ is undefined” error at product page in IE 7/8
  • incorrect work at product reviews page
  • impossibility to add booking product from wishlist to cart
  • unlimited product quantity in shopping cart
  • wrong extension behaviour at reviews page
  • incorrect work with percent price type in custom options
  • incorrect price rules validation
  • wrong calculation when price rules added
  • wrong calculation of billable period
  • wrong calculation with “Date and Time” period type
  • CSS bugs
  • minor bugfixes

Please find more information about this Magento module on the Booking and Reservations page.

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