New and Free Low Stock Alert for Shopify

Selling online is gradually becoming more and more difficult. The reasons for this are multiple, but basically they are divided into two groups – depending on our actions and the independent ones.

To some extent, we can excuse the losses caused by the reasons beyond our control, still we have to prevent any sales decreases within our area of responsibility. Meanwhile, each store owner has a lot of chances for such omissions, including e.g. low or out of stock inventory.

Low Stock Alert for Shopify

According to, 15% of online customers reported that they won’t complete their purchases if they find items out of stock. That’s quite a large share of potential shoppers living stores without purchases and merchants losing their credibility.

So, if you intend to keep your revenue you need to track and replenish your inventory regularly. And, we can offer you the way to automate this time-consuming and irritating routine in your Shopify store.

low-stock-alert 130Low Stock Alert (Free)

The Low Stock Alert application for Shopify stores automatically tracks the items that fall below a specific level and highlights them in the low stock products grid. Moreover, you can set up and receive daily warnings about low stock items via emails.


Quantity Threshold
The quantity is considered to be low as soon as the number of items falls below a preset level. And, you can specify any number of items as the quantity threshold.

Inventory Quality Threshold

Inventory Quality Threshold

Low Stock Grid
All low stock items are listed in the Low stock alert grid containing product names, SKUs, and product quantities.

Low Stock Alert Grid

Low Stock Alert Grid

CSV Export
The module allows you to download all low stock items for further consideration and inventory replenishment.

CSV Import
Inventory replenishment is possible via the default CSV import functionality. Using the exported table merchants are able to add additional quantities to products and upload the table back to the store updating stocks automatically, this way.

Email Notification
The second way to conveniently track stock levels is provided through email notifications. For the purpose you need to enable email sending, specify an email address and delivery time, and switch on the Attach low stock inventory as CSV function, if necessary.

Email Notification Settings

Email Notification Settings


Eventually, Low Stock Alert reduces your customers’ chances to find any products out of stock and leave your store without a purchase. Using this application allows you to save revenue and loyalty of your shoppers.

The detailed description of the application is situated on the product page in our store or Shopify App Store. Low Stock Alert is a free product and you can easily download it from the stores above.

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