Featured Products 2.0

Here is the list of new features:

  • New display type – Slider
  • Flexible system of displaying product information – you choose what, where and how to display
  • Customizable positioning and layout
  • More slideshow and slider behaviour control
  • All sizes can be re-defined from the configuration panel
  • Less CPU-consuming and smoother animation
  • CSS in a separate .css file – customize it the way you need
  • Ready to use CSS presets in the package
  • Localization-ready

As always find demos, screenshots, FAQ and product questions in our Magento modules store

This Magento module has been updated to version 3 https://ecommerce.aheadworks.com/magento-extensions/layout/featured-products-3.html

Z-Blocks – flexible HTML blocks in any place of your Magento store

Z-Blocks – is a unique solution to control static blocks in your store. Now you don’t need to change template and layout files manually every time when you want to add an advertising banner or add some specific information. Now all the administration of static blocks is available in admin panel.
Z-Blocks extension uses native Magento functionality – you can create different static blocks for different Magento Store views.
Find more details and screenshots here – https://ecommerce.aheadworks.com/magento-extensions/z-blocks.html

Help Desk Magento extension

In this release:

  • Full integration into Magento admin & customer areas
  • Ticket threads and statuses
  • Intuitive system of ticket/ticket thread
  • Customizable email notifications for administrator and customer
  • Easy to use administration and customer interfaces
  • Complete history of all communications
  • Easy copy-and-run installation
  • Customizable email templates configuration
  • Unlimited number of tickets

As always, find more details and screenshots in our store:

Product Questions extensions

We’ll try to implement all features requested in the first post of this topic: http://www.magentocommerce.com/boards/viewthread/19572/ 
Estimated completion date – 3 Feb 2009.

Featured Products extension, version 1.5 is out!

This version contains the following long waited features:

  • Different styles of the product buttons: numerical or the product thumbnail 
  • Set the featured products to be displayed in current category 
  • Automation options: display last added X products or random X products 
  • Restrict the automation to the current category

So you are able to choose category products now, this also satisfies multi store owners by letting them choose root category for a store to have different sets for the stores.

All our buyers receive the update for free.