Say “No” to spammers and spambots with Advanced Reviews v.2.0

The Advanced Reviews extension is a customizable Magento review system that enlarges the functionality of a native Magento solution to let e-commerce site owners benefit from one of the most profitable forms of user-generated content.

Today we released the 2.0 version of this Magento extension with a bulk of new features implemented:

  • Spam protection
    Now you shouldn’t worry about spam in your reviews as the spam protection has been added to the “Write Your Own Review” form as well as to the Abuse and Helpfulness links.
  • Order status for posting reviews
    You can specify order’s status to allow customers to post reviews if “Only those who bought the product can review it” is enabled.
  • Reviews management via AJAX in frontend
    No additional page reloads are required. All your site visitors’ actions – reviews sorting, filtering, etc. – are performed via AJAX.
  • Additional variables for default email template
    New variables are available for usage in your templates – nickname, product name, review text, review id, and review URL. Make your notifications more personal and informative.
  • Reviews summary block with reviews statistic
    A quantitative and percentage analysis of the product ratings results ca be represented in a reviews statistic block in the frontend.
  • RSS feed for reviews
    This new ability allows you and your site visitors to follow new reviews easily, comfortably, and efficiently.
  • SEO-friendly
    The URLs to reviews pages have become more SEO-friendly. Moreover, there is more information in the review page title since the 2.0 version.

The following bugs have been fixed in Advanced Reviews v.2.0:

  • CSS problems
  • Pros and Cons can’t be disabled
  • Multiple abuse reports by one user
  • Posting review without actually buying the product
  • Incorrect formatting in email templates
  • Incorrect processing of reviews shared to multiple store views
  • Creating 2 tickets in HDU for 1 review
  • Links to reviews disappear if AR is disabled
  • Pros&Cons disappeared from Write Your Own Review form if rating is disabled

Please find the extension demo on the Advanced Reviews page.

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