Six ways to make life easier for Magento store administrators

The modern life is increasing its speed. You can’t afford to spend your precious time on constant improvements of your Magento store’s functionality and usability. Instead, with proper tools once installed, you’ll have the possibility to focus on your business strategies and development. Here’s the list of six Magento extensions that can ease your administrator’s duties and take your store to the next level regarding its functionality and features.

1. The the Custom SMTP extension is a totally must-have extension for both store administrators and developers. With the help of this Magento extension, it’s possible to send emails from any server you want, making you forget about being attached to your local server mailing software. You can send your emails via custom SMTP server, local host or don’t even send them at all. Just spend a few minutes installing and configuring this software and have a great tool for your online business. Custom SMTP
2. The Market Segmentation Suite extension for Magento takes good care of your marketing and merchandising strategies, providing you with a system that divides the audience of your store into various targeted groups. This Magento module gives you the ability to target your customers on a personalized or customer group basis. Thus, you can wisely provide your customers with the information about your products or ads in a most appropriate way for each selected group. Needless to say, this vital information plays a key role when you’re setting up your advertising or marketing campaign. If you know your customers’ preferences, you’ll definitely have more chances to increase the probability of a purchase. Market Segmentation Suite
3. The problem of the duplicate content seems to be one of the biggest snags for every SEO expert. It’s quite obvious that if your store has similar or even identical content through multiple URLs, it’s worth thinking about changing this unacceptable situation. And the solution lies in reducing the amount of duplication on your website. With the Ultimate SEO Suite Magento extension, you can easily beat this annoying problem. This must-have tool adds canonical links to the head of each product page. This way, the search engines identify the preferred URL the duplicate content refers to, resulting in better search positions for your store. Ultimate SEO Suite
4. The Order Tags Magento extension is an essential feature for large online stores with an imposing number of products. Using this module, you can manage your orders in a convenient and logical manner. Thereby, the store administrator will have an ability to manually set a tag or an icon for each order. Still, if you want things to be automated, it’s possible to specify various conditions for their automatic assignment. With this Magento extension, you’ll never lose track of your orders, building a logical structured system, no matter how many orders you have. Order Tags
5. If you want to stay competitive in a constantly changing business environment, you need to have a detailed picture of your business. It’s nearly impossible to conduct business in an effective and efficient way without an adequate analysis of the current situation on market. The Advanced Reports Magento Extension provides the store’s administrator with the information which is quite hard to underrate. Countries, hours, days of the week-now you choose these or other criteria to have a comprehensive report on your business activities. Now you can plan your sales or start advertisement campaigns with no problem. Advanced Reports
6. The Customer Purchases extension from aheadWorks lets the store administrator view what each customer is buying in a quick and convenient way. This useful online store management software makes the viewing of consumers’ purchases simple and clear. It also allows you to skip the annoying process of loading additional pages. Using the Customer Purchases Magento module, you can observe a complete checklist of any customer’s purchases. The store administrator can easily verify the statistics including time, date, product title, etc. for each product sold. With this information, you can plan your advertisement or discount programs with more efficiency. Customer Purchases

Quite often Magento store administrators just suffer when they try to configure their shop the way they want it to appear. The ideal look of their website that doesn’t suit the picture they see in reality. Your own Magento store shouldn’t be a frustrating labyrinth for you. With these Magento extensions from aheadWorks, you can make things simple and effective.

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