Specify your products and their price visibility for different customer groups

Not all website owners are allowed to show products and categories for certain customer groups. With our brand new Catalog Permissions Magento extension, you can finally hide them with ease. Moreover, you can forbid showing products prices to any customer group at any page they are displayed – categories and product pages, compare and wishlist, etc.

The Magento Catalog Permissions add-on is a great choice for those online merchants who want to configure the visibility of different items, product prices and even the whole categories for specified groups of customers.

The Magento Catalog Permissions module allows you to run more targeted marketing by customizing your product catalog. Our module enables the administrator to set up the visibility for the whole category or to assign permissions to customer groups for viewing different products within a catalog.

Create a more personalized and customer group based shopping experience with the Magento Catalog Permissions plugin.

Our Magento Catalog Permissions is very simple in installation and configuration. The intuitive interface allows you to set up the extension in the way you need quickly and easily.

For specified customer group(s), you can specify the visibility of:

  • Products
  • Product price
  • Categories

Restrict products whether to be displayed as “Out of stock” or just hide their price in:

  • Category
  • Product page
  • Compare
  • Wishlist
  • Search results list
  • Cross-sells, up-sells, and related products blocks

Find the extension demo on the Magento Catalog Permissions page.

Catalog Permissions Community Edition
Enterprise Edition

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about 9 years ago

This atrilce went ahead and made my day.


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