The long-awaited update for Subscriptions and Recurring Payments is here

Today we are happy to release the new 1.5 version of the Subscriptions and Recurring Payments extensionfor Magento.With Subscriptions and Recurring Payments you can accept recurring payments and sell subscription products in your Magento store more easily and efficiently. The module suits you if you sell products that are purchased with certain regularity: magazines, software licenses, bottled water, or memberships.

You can to sell them as a one-off sale, but your customers can opt to buy a subscription if they wish – and they can do it right from your online store.

The 1.5 version of Subscriptions and Recurring Payments is now compatible with Magento EE and Magento CE

Since the latest update, a bulk of new features has been implemented in the Subscriptions and Recurring Payments module:

  • Create subscription from backend
  • Grouped products subscription
  • Compatibility with Catalog Price Rules, Shopping Price Rules, and Special Price
  • Notification in the backend about suspended subscription
  • Manual processing for missed payments
  • Free subscription with

In the 1.5 version of the Subscriptions and Recurring Payments extension released today, protection system has been improved and the following bugs have been fixed:

  • Guest’s subscription
  • First period price is accepted only for the first SARP product in the shopping cart
  • Missed labels in the translation file
  • Cron doesn’t create orders if coupon is applied
  • Wrong currency calculating
  • CSS bugs
  • Shipping cost is added to First Period Price
  • Delivery notice contains text from the previous order
  • Periodicity option value can be changed by customer
  • Update price on the frontend
  • Billing/Shiping address can’t be changed for active subscription
  • Fatal error about incorrect sequence ID
  • PayPal at Magento 1.3
  • Installation scripts fixed
  • Wrong work with dates
  • Delivery notice doesn’t appear in the order
  • Alerts sent not to the customer contain =?utf-8?B??= in the recipient name
  • More than one subscription per iteration
  • Fax info is not imported to
  • Unexpected “First Period Price” label on 1330
  • Incorrect Price for Downloadable SARP product
  • SARP delivery date on Checkout
  • Wrong payments with
  • Overdue subscription auto payment
  • Wrong last order amount when subscription isn’t activated
  • Wrong next payment data in column after subscription obtains Expired status
  • Compatibility with MAPrice on 1411
  • Shipping errors

Please, find more information about this Magento module on the Subscriptions and Recurring Payments page.

Subscriptions and Recurring Payments

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