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We continue the series of post about the products provided by our partners and offered through our store.

These products cover different areas of Magento functionality and add only excellent features to your stores. Needless to say that aheadWorks, for its part, guarantees the quality of partner products and their seamless integration with Magento and our extensions. Purchasing partner extensions or themes in our store is profitable and comfortable, as you benefit from the trusted vendor reputation and professional business approach.

This time we would like to bring to your attention a scope of social media partner extensions, which perform Magento integration with the most popular global social networks.

Magento Social Network

Social Network

The Social Network extension brings to life a simple idea – creation of a social network within your Magento store. Customers get an opportunity to enter a community, which is solely dedicated to your brand and products. The module creates sterling social networking platform and allows customers conduct all corresponding activities: create profiles, enter communities, share links, review products, send direct messages, upload photos, chat, and etc.

The Social Network module deepens the customer engagement with your products, lets them earn points for certain actions and use them during purchasing. Privacy settings allow customers to manage access to their profiles and profile display settings.

Mutual communications within groups and among customers will certainly strengthen loyalty and customer-brand connections.

Social Media Bundle

Social Media Bundle

The Social Media Bundle module offers a simple way for integration of your Magento store with top-ranked global social networks. Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest platforms integration is provided in a single package and allows your Magento store to benefit from these popular social media.


  • Allows customers to login using Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ accounts;
  • Places social networks buttons (like, share, follow) on any page of your site;
  • Allows customers to share links to your site via social networks;
  • Automatically creates Magento accounts based on social media profiles data;
  • Creates individually designed social buttons;
  • Enables customers to post purchases on their walls;
  • Adds comments to products in your store.

The Social Media Bundle extension makes your site social media friendly and provides customers with a natural opportunity to highlight and enjoy the purchases in your store.

Google Integration

Google Integration

The Google Integration extension provides several ways for interaction between your Magento store and the Google + social network.

Google “+1” buttons do not only indicate user preferences about your products, but, to a certain degree, influences your site SERP results.

This extension contains three modules in one bundle: Google “+1” Button, Google Connector, and Google Share Button.

Twitter Integration

Twitter Integration

The Twitter Integration extension adds Twitter Login, Follow, and Tweet buttons to your Magento store. Twitter buttons are easily customizable and really valuable as allow customers to push their favorite products to Twitter and follow the favorite brand on it.


Facebook Link

Facebook Link

The Facebook Link extensions adds an advanced functionality to your Magento store and allows your customers to like, subscribe, share, and discuss any content directly on your site. It also makes possible for customers to automatically place posts into their walls and highlight their activities in your store. Thus, you get the full scope of benefits provided by the integration of Magento and Facebook with just a few efforts.


  • 1-click login to Magento for logged-in Facebook users;
  • Show-off the purchases made in you store;
  • Transactions privacy allows customers to reject Facebook posts from your store;
  • Facebook “Like” button;
  • Facebook “Follow” button;
  • Comments enabled directly on product pages;
  • Custom wall post template and custom action link template;
  • Pre-defined number of products included into customers’ Facebook posts;
  • Multiple template variables.

This extension is also integrated with other aheadWorks products: One Step CheckoutPrice MatchPoints & Rewards.

Social networks gained their popularity on the people’s need to communicate and we can also benefit from this necessity. Providing customers with an opportunity to make friends, share their experience, and socialize makes them perceive your brands as a part of their lives, which is the ultimate goal for any merchant.

The mentioned partner products are able to make your store more customer-oriented and bring additional traffic to your site. Once installed, such extensions almost do not require your time and attention, while provide really tangible results, as new visitors and sales.

If you have something to add to this post, please share your ideas in comments below.

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