Who but aheadWorks can help Magento PE store owners to prosper

Many of aheadWorks customers complain that without any reason all providers of Magento extensions completely ignore Magento Professional Edition (also known as Magento PE). We decided it was absolutely unfair and started to develop our extensions for Magento PE.

Today we can say that aheadWorks has become the first provider of Magento Professional extensions on the market. 50+ aheadWorks modules extensions are now available for any PE store, and we can assure you that this quantity will increase.

We hope that this event will contribute into further Magento expansion around the world. Using aheadWorks Magento Professional Edition extensions, any PE-based store owner can now significantly improve their website functionality and effectiveness, making their business more profitable than it was before.

aheadWorks has always been known as a company that provides high-quality products for Magento users. Now every Magento CE-, PE-, EE- and Go-based store owner can make its website better with aheadWorks mods.

Do you own a store on Magento PE and want to discover new opportunities for your business? Go ahead https://ecommerce.aheadworks.com

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