Z-Blocks use case: authority/security seal at the best place

Z-Blocks demonstrated features:

  • static HTML content displaying on all pages

You can set banners  — “Authorize.net”, “BBB Online”, “Secured by Thawte”  — at the most visible place of your store. Derive benefit from your site empty space and gain more profit. For example, let’s place one of the seals at sidebar right bottom.

To make such a block follow the steps below:

General information

  1. Click CMS→ Z-Blocks.
  2. Click “Add Block” button.
  3. Type the block title.
  4. Select the store view for block displaying (if you have 2 or more stores).
  5. Set status to “Enabled”.
  6. Select the block position “Custom”.
  7. Set the custom position.
  8. Click “Save and Continue Edit” button.

General information


  1. Select the menu “Content” in “Block Information” part.
  2. Click “Add item” button.
  3. Type the title of the item.
  4. Set status to “Enabled”.
  5. Type the link address and the image location. Don’t forget to set double braces {{ }} within the image tag!
  6. Click “Save Block” button.


Enjoy the results!

Enjoy the results


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