Issues in Safari browser under Windows

Issues in Safari browser under Windows

The AJAX Cart Pro 3 extension does not officially support the Windows Safari browsers branch, since it has been discontinued by the Apple Co. However, the extension generally proved to work ok in Windows Safari, with one minor issue affecting the Win Safari users:


the confirmation pop-up dialog does not disappear automatically after the specified time; after the timer reaches "0" (zero), the countdown continues in negative values.


To fix this issue, please, do the following:


1. open this file [Magento root]/js/aw_ajaxcartpro/ajaxcartpro.js


2. find the following line of code in this file:


3. replace this line with:


if (! {
if ( document.createEvent ) {
var evt = document.createEvent('MouseEvents');
evt.initEvent('click', true, false);
} else if( document.createEventObject ) {
cntBtn.fireEvent('onclick') ;
} else if (typeof node.onclick == 'function' ) {
} else {;



4. Save the file, and do not forget to flush the store cache.


This must solve the problem.