Can I include your Blog into my product?

Can I include your Blog into my product?

I'm a developer, can I include your free module into my own theme / module?

Our EULA prohibits re-distribution of our copyrighted software (including our free products) without our consent. This prohibition extends on:

* including our products in any distributed bundles (e.g., with themes or other modules);

* incorporating our code (and any part of it) into other products.

Failing to comply with License Agreement terms may force us to take legal actions.

We are, however, open to collaborating with aspiring developers, so a limited permission may be granted for the following:

* testing your developments for compatibility with our products, and advertising such compatibility;

* including design files (skins, layouts, page templates) adjusted for the compatibility purposes into your distributed products.

To apply for such special permission, contact our customer service team. Granting the permission remains at our sole discretion, and it may be withdrawn at any time.

Should the permission be granted, you are also obliged to:

* explicitly mention the product origin with the backlink to our site;

* ensure that your client, who decides to use our software, acquires their own legal copy of the software directly from our website.

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