Social bookmarks

Social bookmarks

Can I remove unnecessary social bookmarks or add the one I need?


Yes, you can manage the social bookmarks used in Blog. For example, to add the Twitter bookmark, you should:


1. Open the \app\desing\frontend\default\default\template\aw_blog\bookmark.phtml file
2. Find the following line:


<div class="postBookmarks"><h4>Bookmark with:</h4>


and insert the following code after it:


<a href=";?>&title=getTitle();?>" class="bm"><img src="getSkinUrl('aw_blog/images/communityIcons'); ?>/http-twitter-com.gif" width="16" border="0" height="16">&nbsp;Twitter</a>&nbsp;


3. Save the file
4. Clear the cache


By analogy with adding Twitter bookmark, you can add different social bookmarks. The Blog package includes many different icons which you can find in \skin\frontend\default\default\aw_blog\images\communityIcons