Review link in the email template

Review link in the email template

Does the Follow Up Email extension allow sending emails to customers asking them to review products they have previously purchased, including a link to each product review form in the email template?


Yes, the extension allows doing that.


A pre-defined email template for this exact purpose comes with the extension by default, "AW Review Request" (Backend » Newsletter » Newsletter Templates)


NOTE: the Follow Up Email extension uses "double template" constructions. The "AW Review Request" template represents the general text and appearance of an outgoing email. The items listed in this template (including product details, store links, etc) are rendered by its "child" template, "AW Review Request Per Product Row".

Thus, if there's a need to change how each of the products is displayed in emails, you would need to edit the latter template.


For Follow Up Email prior to 3.5.2 versions users:


In older extension versions, the item links in "AW Review Request Per Product Row" were leading to a Product View page.

If you would like the URLs to lead to the Product Reviews page instead, open the mentioned template and replace the below code line

with this one