Can my guests submit tickets in Help Desk Ultimate?

Can my guests submit tickets in Help Desk Ultimate?

Do customers need to be registered to submit tickets in the Help Desk Ultimate extension?


The Help Desk Ultimate extension can handle both guests and registered customers. 


Your registered customers can create new tickets and manage their existent ones from a special tab in their account dashboard.


To allow posting tickets to your guest users, enable the Contact Form option on the Help Desk-> Settings-> Modules Integration backend page.


If the Contact Form integration is enabled, all the messages sent via the native contact form are parsed to the Help Desk tickets. The guest users are typically provided with the special External View URL, which allows accessing ticket reply webform without being logged in (or even having an account).


Another possibility to enable guest tickets submission and processing is using the extension's Email Gateway functionality. In this case, the guest users will be able to communicate with you by emailing to a special dedicated mailbox, while store admins will still be able to process these messages from the backend.