How do invitations work?

How do invitations work?

How can my customers invite their friends?


Generally, any of your registered users can invite their friends to your store. It is possible to either send personal invitations via email (up to 5 recipients at a time), or to post a broadcast link.


The broadcast link can be retrieved in the Referred Friends page in a customer account. It is a unique referral link that can be posted anywhere on the web. The email invitations can be sent from the same Referred Friends page.


In addition to this, the store admin can place the "Invite" button in any other store page, enabling the registered users for immediate sharing.


What happens after a referral receives the invitation? How are referrals tracked?


The referring process generally looks like this:


 - the invited person follows the link they received and gets to the website. The website puts a cookie to the browser of the invited person. The cookie lives until the browser tab is closed;

 - at that moment, the invited person can create an account at the store. In this case, registration routine recognizes the cookie and the user gets associated with the referrer (person who sent the invitation);

 - the invitee is now listed as a referral and the original referrer starts receiving bonuses the store admin had defined;

 - if the invited person leaves without going for registering the cookie entry disappears. If they later come back to website via a direct web address and sign up, they don't become a referral. However, if they come back by the invitation link again, the same cookie gets set and they become a referral on signing up.


Since version 2.1.6 it is also possible to recognize referrals by the email address with Recognize referrals by option. In this case referral can just register at the store with the email address the invitation has been sent to without proceeding by the referral link.