Subscribtion alerts

Subscribtion alerts

How do Subscription Alerts work?


The Subscription Alerts functionality of the extension allows sending automated emails to inform the customer and/ or the store admins on the subscription-related events.


The following events are supported:


  • - First Delivery
  • - Delivery
  • - Expiration Date
  • - New Subscription
  • - Suspended
  • - Unsubscription
  • - Activation


The Alerst can be sent X hours/days after or before* the event.


*Using Before is not recommended for the following events: First Delivery, New Subscription, Activation



Is it possible to specify the subscriber list or the customer group under the subscription alerts?


No, the subscription alerts of the Subscriptions and Recurring Payments extension are sent to all the subscribers. It is not possilbe to segregate the alerts basing on customer group or other parameters.