I purchased a product but I can't download the package, why?

I purchased a product but I can't download the package, why?

After you place an order, you usually get redirected to PayPal where you pay for the ordered items. Right after you add a transaction at PayPal, one of the following things may happen:

  • the transaction becomes completed, the order status becomes completed and the packages appear in your «My Downloadable Products» section
  • the transaction gets delayed for an additional review of the payment

In the second case, the order status becomes Payment Review, and the packages are not available for downloading. The Payment Review status of the order means guys from PayPal need some time to review the payment and decide if it is safe, authorized or maybe something else. The review may take up to three days. During the time they are reviewing, the status of the order doesn't change since there is always a chance that the transaction as well as the order will be cancelled.

 Our company is not related to the payment review procedure and doesn't have any influence upon it.

If your payment has been delayed and the transaction is under review, please look through the pages in the PayPal Help Center below. You will probably find the answer there.

If you need more information on the status of your payment, please contact PayPal support.