How does pre-ordering work?

How does pre-ordering work?

What is a pre-order?
A pre-order is an order placed for an extension that has entered the development stage and is about to be launched, but is not yet available for download.


How do I know the extension is on pre-order?
The extension logo is labeled accordingly.


What happens when I pre-order a product?
You go through a regular checkout procedure. Once it’s complete, the extension is added to your client account. At this point there is no download link. The link will appear once the extension is launched and you will be notified via email.


Why would I want to do it?
Pre-order gives you a chance to get a significant discount on the extension price.


What if I don’t like the extension when it comes out?
Our return policy has got you covered.


What if the extension does not come out?
The only extensions that we place on pre-order are those that are already in development - there is little to no chance they don’t make it to launch. In case it does happen, 100% refund will be provided without a question.