User Documentation

User Documentation

What documentation is available for the aheadWorks products?

The aheadWorks products typically come with a set of user docs:


1. Readme file is provided for every extension, and covers all the main usage points: installation instructions, main configuration steps and troubleshooting section;

2. Downloadable FAQ - contains an extract from our Knowledge Base, with all the articles related to the specific product;

3. User Guide* - contains step-by-step configuration instructions, usage examples, sample settings, etc


* NOTE: some extensions do not have user guides yet, they are still under construction.


All the available documentation is included in the downloadable package of an extension, and is also available from the extension's page at the aheadWorks webstore.


Please, note that we do not provide programming documentation. The code is open and you may study it, but no development notes are available as well as no APIs specifications, no description of customization possibilities and other.