Magento 2 integration tests

Integration tests

What is an integration test?

Integration test is a variety of automated tests widely applied in Magento 2. It is meant to discover any potential issues and check how well different parts of the whole system interact. When applied to an extension, integration test allows to check if there are any compatibility issues with the extension and the store environment.


Integration test goals

Below are some of the most important integration test goals:

  • - Test whether the extension code is running properly in a store environment;
  • - Test how well does the store functions as a single entity;
  • - Cover the store code by the critical path;
  • - Cover the interaction between the store components.

In simplest terms, integration test can help fitting an extension within the store environment saving time and money on otherwise necessary adjustments.


Integration test value

The greatest value for a store owner is that there are no surprises and the extension works as promised. For a developer the greatest value comes with assessing:

  • - Whether the extension/store is stable at any given moment;
  • - Environment specific bugs;
  • - Development quality;
  • - Code coupling and store component cross-dependencies.


Are all Magento 2 extensions come with integration tests?

Most aheadWorks Magento 2 extensions come with integration tests, as indicated per product page. Once the extension is installed the test can be run to identify how well the extension fits your Magento 2 store.