By default Magento store offers CAPTCHA for the store administrator login screen and for the frontend of the store. There two are set up separated under different backend sections


Administrator login screen CAPTCHA


To enable captcha navigate to System -> Configuration -> Advanced section -> Admin -> CAPTCHA.


Once Enable CAPTCHA in Admin field is set to 'Yes' a full section of captcha settings will appear:



The section is represented by the following settings:

Font - defines the captcha font;

Forms - defines the forms captcha should be displayed at;

Displaying Mode - defines if captcha should always be enabled or after a set number of unsuccessful login attempts;

Number of Unsuccessful Attempts to Login - defines the number of unsuccessful login attempts after which captcha should be displayed;

CAPTCHA Timeout (minutes) - defines a period of time after which captcha displayed is no longer valid;

Number of Symbols - defines number of captcha symbols displayed;

Symbols Used in CAPTCHA - allows specifying symbols used for captcha purposes;

Case Sensitive - defines is captcha should be case sensitve.


After everything is set up, one should get a result similar to the screenshot below:



Frontend CAPTCHA


Frontend (customer) CAPTCHA can be enabled under System > Configuration > Customers > Customer Cunfiguration and comes with the same set of settings with the exception for additional Forms available.

Forms include:

- Create user;

- Login;

- Forgot password;

- Checkout as Guest;

- Register durig Checkout;

- Login during Checkout.



Each Form represents a set location of the CAPTCHA. Once a particular Form enabled the CAPTCHA will be displayed in a corresponding location.


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