Magento grouped vs bundle products

Magento grouped vs bundle products

From the first glance at the Magento product types it can be hard to say the difference between Grouped and Bundle product types and the use patterns.
In this little breakdown we will cover the difference in purpose of the Grouped and Bundle products with the help of some use cases.

Grouped Products


This type of Magento products can be referred to as a "product basket" considering it's purpose. Grouped products are built to unite simple products related to each other for better shopping experience with customization being limited to selecting simple products one wants to include in the order.


Let's take a Magento store selling home furniture.

For example we have several simple products:

1) Ottoman;

2) Chair;

3) Couch.

All these simple products can be purchased separately and can be related to each other via 'Related Products' functionality.

However, with the help of Grouped products one can tie these products into a single one (Furniture set for the example purposes) and allow customers to shop for ready-made living room instead of separate pieces of furniture.


Bundle products


This type of Magento products is somewhat a set of configurable products. It is a solid complex product designed to let customers build the end product required. The configuration options are virtually unlimited.


Let's take a Magento store selling desktop PCs.

We can allow customers build a PC of a particular price segment on their own, considering the case, CPU, RAM size, etc. Once the product is configured, customer will place an order for a fully build desktop PC, instead of just hardware pieces.


To draw the line, Grouped products are supposed to unite simple products for customers' convenience, like the products frequently bought together.

While Bundle products are supposed to let customers built a complex product they want.


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