Magento maintenance

Magento maintenance

Magento Maintenance mode is generally used by the store developers to adjust the store settings and other manipulations that may result if frontend instability.


To enable the Maintenace mode it is only required to create an empy maintenance.flag file in the Magento root folder (the folder containing such folders as: /app, /var etc.). Once the maintenance.flag file is created when navigating to the store frontend or backend one will be given the following page:



The access to the store will be restricted to this 503 page. To enable access to the store during the maintenance one will need to list the IP addresses allowed in the index.php file.

To do this open index.php file in Magento root folder and do the following:


1) Add:



$allowed = array('','');


Where and examples of the IP addresses that would be allowed access to the store frontend and backend.

Please note, if you are hosting local Magento store internal IP address will be required to access the store frontend and backend.


2) Find the following line:


if (file_exists($maintenanceFile)) {


and change it to:


if (file_exists($maintenanceFile) && !in_array($ip, $allowed)) {



Done. Now you can access the store frontend and backend pages while having your store on maintenace for everyone else.

Once you are done with the maintenance just remove maintenance.flag file from Magento store root folder.


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