Why is my Magento store slow?

Why is my Magento store slow?

Sometimes slow store performance can result from the inappropriate store management.

If you think that your store is running slow we hope this article will shed some light on the possible causes.


Here is a list of possible causes of the store slow performance:


1) Bad hosting

Generally for the Magento stores it is recommended to set a dedicated server, however, for some of the store owners this is not an option and so the hosted servers come as a solution.

Before sticking to a particular hosting provider we advice referring to the hosting support team to ask if they have had an experience with hosting ecommerce stores. Looking for a viable advice at the Magento related forums is also an eligible option.


2) The store indexes have not been updated for a long time

It is strongly recommended to keep the store indexes updated. Magento indexes all the changes made: new products, orders, CMS, etc. Because of the indexes not getting updated Magento has to "calculate" store pages for every customer individually affecting the overall store performance heavily.


3) Low memory limit

It is advised to have at least 256 MB available at the server for Magento purposes. Lower memory limit may drastically slow down the store performance.


4) Disabled compilation

Sometimes running compilation is not an option if your store third party software heavy, however, for the other cases enabled compilation may improve the store performance.


These are the most common cases of slow Magento store performance.


If after checking all the possible causes listed above you are still struggling to improve the Magento store performance, you may want to refer to the aheadWorks Optimization service available.
Feel free to contact our support team if you have any questions.


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