Magento product types

Magento product types

Magento store comes with six different product types. Here is a little breakdown of what can one expect from a particular product:

1) Simple product

As suggested by the name, it is a simple physical product that is sold at the store. Each simple product has it's own Stock Keeping Unit (SKU), price, inventory. It is a "self-sufficient" product, however, with the help of Custom Options available store administrator can add necessary options with a set price for the customers to select, e.g.: color, warranty etc.

2) Configurable product

For example, a bag comes in three colors and two sizes. In this example we will have a single Configurable product with two options: size and color; that ties six simple products:


  • - small bag of red color;
  • - small bag of blue color;
  • - small bag of green color;
  • - medium bag of red color;
  • - medium bag of blue color;
  • - medium bag of gree color.


Stock, price and other product attributes are managed on the simple product's level with configurable product accounting for the initial price. Due to such behavior, Configurable products are often referred to as Parent products and corresponding simple products - Child products.

3) Grouped product

It is a set of simple products. For example a set of a cell phone, case and wireless charger. Grouped products come in handy for promotional purposes featuring related items. Say, customers may want to take advantage of the cell phone set's special price than purchasing all three products separately.

4) Bundle product

Allows customers building product they want. Let's take a desktop PC as an example. With Bundle product customers can have a choise of several displays, HDDs of different capaciry, select necessary RAM size etc. and calculate the end product price. In other words Bundle product is somewhat like a set of configurable products.


5) Downloadable product

Such products as: software, music files, ebooks, emagazines; can be sold at the Magento store using the Downloadable product type. Via the Magento backend the product contents (files) are downloaded to the server (the files can also be hosted on other web servers). When such product purchased a unique, secure link is generated for the customer. Customer can later access all the downloadable products purchased from the account's special section.
You might have already noticed that the Magento extensions we offer at our store are downloadable products.


6) Virtual products

This product type represents the services one might offer at the store, including: warranty, technical services or Support Period like we do for our extensions.


These are all product types available in Magento Community out of the box. However, there is additional product type that can be introduced to Magento with the help of Subscriptions and Recurring Payments extension available at our store:


7) Subscriptions

This product type, introduced with the Subscriptions and Recurring Payments extension, allows customers subscribing to products interested. For example: monthly emagazine, water delivery weekly and other. Store administrator can specify the subscription periods available for customers to select and apply necessary product prices. Thus customer can select the period he want's to subscribe to and place the order. Once the order is placed, customer will be charged automatically every set period.


For more information on the subscription product types please refer to the Subscription and Recurring Payments product page at our store.


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