Magento shipping methods

Magento shipping methods

Magento stores allows use of different shipping methods. Some (the most common) available out of the box, some introduced to the store with the help of third party extensions. Generally, if you want to stick with the local shipping company you may first want to consult their representatives for today it is the common practice to have an ecommerce solution developed.

In this article we will cover the basic aspects of configuring shipping methods when one first configures the Magento store.


1) Shipping Settings

Before enabling shipping methods that come with Magento out of the box it is advised to configure the Shipping Settings.

Shipping Settings located under System > Configuration > Sales > Shipping Settings and are represented by the two sections: Origin and Options.



In the Origin section default address of the warehouse is defined from which the wares will be sent to your customers.

In the Options section one can decide if to allow shipping to multiple addresses. If yes, define the number of the addresses customers can specify at the checkout or leave the filed blank for unlimited number.

Please note, Shipping Settings applied to ALL shipping methods available at the store.

Once the Shipping Settings are specified it is time to refer to the Shipping Methods.


2) Shipping Methods

Here one can enable and appropriately set particular Shipping Method's settings.



For example we will take DHL. Some of this shipping method's settings can be obtained from the DHL team and will require an account created. Such settings as: delivery, weight and other parcel related settings; may require consultation with the shipping company representatives.

Other than that one can always refer to the settings description and tips from either a Magento User Guide or given at the Shipping Methods section.


Once you have set up the required shipping methods you can run through the checkout process to make sure everything has been set up smoothly.


If additional shipping functionality required one can always look for a solution at our store


Delivery Date and Notice - an extension introducing a nice and convenient way of communication between customer and the store admin allowing leaving notices or any other text messages at the checkout.

Multi-Warehouse Management (partner product) - can be a musthave tool if you have several warehouses and require precise stock management.


Extensions You May Be Interested In


Delivery Date and Notice

Delivery Date and Notice

Allows customers to specify delivery time and create notices for delivery persons at checkout.
Multi-Warehouse Management

Multi-Warehouse Management

Improves the precision of shipping costs calculations and eases order fulfillment.