How to change Magento theme?

How to change Magento theme?

Magento theme is the face of your store, it is responsible for the first impression and often impacts customer experience by providing useful navigation options. Marketplace Theme for Magento 2 can serve as an example of a flexible and responsive theme built to the store owner's and customer's expectations.

Installing or changing Magento theme can prove to be a tricky task for someone getting acquainted with Magento store.

This article covers most of the Magento themes installation steps and is aimed at beginner Magento store administrators.


I have found a theme at Magento Connect I would like to install to my store. How do I proceed?


Most of the themes found at Magento Connect allow using Magento Connect installation manager making the intallation process a matter of few clicks.

For example you have decided to stick with Modern theme distributed for free. To proceed with installation you will first need to login to your Magento Connect account.

At the Modern theme product page click the Install Now button.



Then click the Extension Key button. Once clicked you will be introduced to the Theme Key required to install the theme desired.



Now proceed to your Magento store backend (admin area). Navigate to System > Magento Connect > Magento Connect Manager. And paste the Theme key to the appropriate field at the Install New Extensions section as at the picture below.



Once the key is pasted click Install button and it's done. The theme will be installed to the Magento store.


How do I enable the theme for my store/store view?


To enable the theme installed navigate to the System > Design and click Add Design Change button.

In the Store field select the store view you want to apply the theme installed to.

In the Custom Design field select the theme you have installed (Modern theme in our case).

In the Date From/To field define the period you want to apply the theme for, or leave empty if you do not plan changing the theme for quite a time.



That's pretty much it, now you have set another theme for your Magento store.

If there are any issues or the theme is not displayed properly for patricular pages - make sure you have set proper page layout under CMS > Pages.


Are the themes from your store installed via Magento Connect Manager also?


The themes from our store are installed manually due to the architecture peculiarities.

Generally installation instructions can be found in the theme package and are pretty straight forwarded:

1) Disable compilation;

2) Clear the store cache;

3) Upload the contents of the installation package to your Magento root folder (the folder containing such folders as: /app, /var, /media etc.);

4) Clear the cache one more time;

5) Done.


The theme has been installed at your Magento store. Now you can porceed to System > Design to enable the theme as described above.


These are the most common installation patterns one should look into when deciding to change the Magento store theme.


If you have any issues with installing the custom theme or not sure if you can manage the installation - feel free referring to our Installation service. Our technical team of highly qualified specialists will be at your service and will make sure the theme has been installed and is working properly.


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