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Key Partner Benefits

  • Unlimited Access to Magento 2 Extensions Catalog

    You’ll get access to the full catalog with 57+ extensions under 1 license and be able to assign it to the necessary project in your account.

  • No Upfront Fees

    We won’t charge you for the license cost. Pay only a flat monthly fee to take advantage of the whole program.

  • Free Feature Implementation

    Upon receiving your request for additional functionality missing from our Magento 2 extensions, we will begin work on its implementation within 5 business days free of charge.

Other Partner Perks

  • Free product trials

    Provide an opportunity for potential customers to try out a product and see how it works in a real-time setting.

  • Free product demos

    Our product team will conduct a live demo for any of our extensions.

  • High priority support

    1 business day response time will minimize downtime, and improve customer satisfaction.

  • Joint marketing activities

    Benefit from blog posts exchange, cross promotional emails, social media activities via our channels.

  • Communication via Discord

    Stay in touch with our development and product teams to resolve any issues in the fastest way possible.

  • Personal account manager

    Your personal account manager will always be in touch with you and ready to help.

Learn More About Partner Benefits

Know it all by downloading our partnership guide.

Ease of Management

  • License management

    You’ll get access to the full catalog under 1 license, without the need to manage multiple subscriptions. Once the license is acquired, you can assign it to any of your current projects.

  • Shared access between employees

    Grant access to all relevant projects, licenses, and subscriptions to all employees involved in project management, with appropriate editing rights and permissions assigned to each individual.

  • License transfer

    You can transfer licenses purchased for your clients to a third party upon request. This way, your clients will continue having access to all the licenses and benefiting from extension updates and support without any disruptions.

We Offer Flat Fee for Entire Catalog

  • Magento Open Source

    At a flat $100/month per client:

    • 57 Magento Extensions ($10,150 upfront & 590/month original value)
    • No upfront fee
    • Free Feature Implementation

    + Other perks

  • Adobe Commerce

    At a flat $150/month per client:

    • 57 Magento Extensions ($19,800 upfront & $1,170/month original value)
    • No upfront fee
    • Free Feature Implementation

    + Other perks

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Aheadworks Partner Program is designed for ecommerce agencies or big ecommerce stores/companies with several web properties. To apply, you just simply need to book a call with our Partnership Manager.

  • No, by purchasing 1 license, you can provide access to the full list of our products for only 1 client/project.

  • Our partner program provides feature request development free of charge. As for functional requirements for feature implementation, they are the following:

    • applicable to many users;
    • align with the extension roadmap.

    As for customization, it is not included in our partner program services. You can order customization as an extra service if you need:

    • overwriting/removing part of the existing functionality of the module;
    • integration with an extension from another vendor;
    • overwriting core Magento functionality;
    • a unique and specific scenario that is not applicable to other users or does not align with our roadmap for the extension.
  • To submit a feature request, you can write directly to our product team via the Discord channel (access will be granted once you become our partner). Or you can leave a request to our support team, and they will hand it over to the right person. Note that in order for your application to be considered and accepted, you must have at least 5 unlimited catalog licenses and the feature you request should be applicable to many.

  • All tickets received from partner accounts, as well as technical support requests, related to full catalog licenses acquire a high priority status and are raised to the top of all requests. Our team responds to them in the first place.

  • The full catalog license obtained by your company for the project of your client can be transferred to the account of your customer. In case you and your client want to proceed with the transfer, please submit the request to our Support Team.

  • Yes, provided the license with the subscription is transferred to his account at (having an account is required).

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No upfront fee, 57 high-quality Magento extensions, free features implementation.