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Magento 1 Offer

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Advanced Reports help you to assemble a list of featured products, find the perfect timing to engage social media or even segment your promotional effort geographically.

  • 13 reports come included with the extension and 10 additional reports are available separately;
  • User-friendly interface: all of the reports are listed in a menu to your left allowing you to switch reports with a single click;
  • Adjustable graphs and tables represent data: each report can be individually customized with regards to reflected order status and columns displayed in the table.
Advanced Reports for Magento 1

The Help Desk Ultimate extension is designed to put your customer service in good order, and it offers all the crucial means for achieving this goal.

  • Multiple submission options: from Customer account, via native Contact form, via email, from backend;
  • On-the-fly Ticket Management: click the Manage link for a correspondent ticket and change the agent, department, ticket status or its priority;
  • Built-in coupon code generation: encourage your customers and generate and deliver a coupon code right from within the ticket.
Help Desk Ultimate for Magento 1

The RMA extension includes all necessary options to accommodate your clients with whatever RMA situation they are in.

  • Intuitive frontend: straightforward requesting process, a request can be created without even logging in;
  • Partial RMA: possibility to return one product out of group order or even out of bundle purchase;
  • Fraud protection: with the print labels and unique tracking codes, you get protection against fraudulent returns and can follow both RMA requests and products returned.
RMA for Magento 1
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Magento 2 Offer

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The Help Desk Ultimate extension for Magento 2 helps building support center of the store with effective and user-friendly inquiry management system.

  • Customer-friendly: easy to create, track, and manage tickets;
  • Processing automation: automations allow performing various steps of ticket processing without admin input;
  • Integration with Coupon Code Generator: store administrators can generate coupons right from ticket page and include them into theier reply.
Help Desk Ultimate for Magento 2

Blog for Magento 2 includes all features dictated by best industry practices and allows you to create and manage engaging content.

  • SEO enhancements: XML sitemap, SEO-friendly URLs, Meta data;
  • Disqus integration: allows readers to leave comments using their social network profiles;
  • Migration to Magento 2: M1 > M2 migration tool and Wordpress > Magento 2 post migration.
Blog for Magento 2

Magento 2 RMA extension provides full control over various areas of return merchandise authorization process.

  • Request status: each RMA step is marked by a status change, optional notifications are sent to customer, administrator, or both;
  • Request management area: within each request there is a number of tabs designated to request, order, and customer information;
  • Message thread: direct customer-to-administrator communication area is included in each RMA request tab and allows for both text messages and file attachments.
RMA for Magento 2