Subscription FAQ

What value do I get if I subscribe?

  • Minimum investment to start using the product;
  • As a result, a bigger budget for performing business-specific customizations.

  • Also, while your subscription is active:

    • Support is always available;
    • Free installations for all modules + all their updates;
    • You will be receiving all updates, at least within a major version.

What if I cancel subscription?

  • You must stop using the extension and uninstall it from your store.

How will you check if I use the extension after having canceled the subscription?

  • We trust our customers and are not going to implement any “home calling” at this stage;
  • If we see that the subscription has been suspended, we may check your site manually whether the extension is still there and/or contact you directly.

What about your moneyback guarantee?

  • 45 days moneyback period still applies to your 1-time purchases (if they are within this period);
  • As for subscriptions, the period is 30 days (first billing cycle);
  • If you are subscribed for more than 30 days, you just cancel subscription and no further charges will apply.

I represent a development agency and we will need to transfer the license(s) to our client.

I have a considerable amount of store credit but can not use it for subscription.

Why do I have to pay if my site is not in production yet?

  • You are still using the code to implement a required functionality to your site. Saving on the extension price and putting these money into improvement of the other areas of your business will consequently allow you to go into production quicker.

Why does my client from US says that the extension costs $X and is being sold as 1-time buy?

  • We are switching to a subscription model on a regional basis. If your client prefers a 1-time payment, they can purchase it themselves.

What if I don't have enough money at the moment of charge? Will the extensions just stop working?

  • The extension will still be working. From our side, we will be sending you email reminders beforehand, so you will have a time to add necessary amount to your balance.

Will my existing licenses be converted into subscriptions?

  • No, the conditions of using your old licenses will remain the same as before, at least within a major version (e.g. you will be receiving all updates for your 1.X version until 2.0 and will be eligible for support if its status is active).

Before I make a decision, I want to check the quality of your code.

  • As with 1-time purchases, we do not provide trial versions, but you can download our free Rich Banner Slider and see that it complies best Magento 2 programming practices;
  • If you want to check a particular module, you can purchase a subscription and then request a refund within 30 days (e.g. within 1st billing cycle).